24 May 2013

Red Velvet, Missoula, Montana

Red rover, red rover, we call CUPCAKE over!
Bernice's Bakery's red velvet fairy cake, to be specific - real buttercream, not too sweet - a perfect way to cap off a delightful afternoon with one of my spunky nieces.
(You should be impressed that I delayed nibbling to take this commemorative photo.)

(LOL Note: If you ever play red rover - even if you hated it - , please please please click & read the first text link for a healthy laughter dose!)


  1. Hah! Enjoyed your link and a stroll down my own red rover memory lane. I liked the game too--that and murder ball. Yes, we came away with bruises and sometimes shed a bit of blood, but that combination of intensity and danger was invigorating;-]

  2. Great will power! Red rover memories - not so pleasant - part of childhood rites of passage along with dodge ball and 'bumping' on the school yard swing. What adventures today's tech obsessed children are missing.

  3. Schoolyard games seem to produce fortitude and perseverance unmatched by video game playing. (i.e. if you can survive dodge ball, red rover, and getting picked last, you can triumph in anything you so choose.) Perhaps there ought to be a study....


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