06 May 2013

Undaunted Sprout, Missoula, Montana

"Up in the valley of the Jolly Green Giant
Lived a fellow named the Little Green Sprout..."

Okay, it's not deep, but it's honest - that's what popped into my head when my little eye espied this persistent  new shoot. I don't even know what Little Green Sprout's story is - I mean, I was 4 when he made his big debut, so all I noticed was his adorable factor was off the charts. But now that I'm older, mature, I want to know: Does Sprout have anything inspiring to say about pushing through, undaunted, even if you're planted in a rocky place? Or is he truly just a cute little green guy who chats about nutrition with a friendly farmer? (Interestingly, said farmer suspiciously resembles the guy in the blue hat in the Keebler elf commercial. Perhaps he made a sideways career change - still working with diminutive cartoon-world citizens, but of a different genre.)
That's all I've got. Think deep thoughts, grow tasty fruit.

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