15 August 2013

Well-Watered Willow, Missoula, Montana

Sometimes circumstance reminds us of the truly important. 
We worry and fret about so much, blithely tossing about words like “need” and “have to”.  "I need some new clothes; I have to get..." the latest, greatest item paraded by marketing geniuses. And then, unexpectedly, we are drawn outside our self: we read of homes burned to the ground by wildfire; we write a sympathy note to a dear auntie who lost a daughter in a senseless accident; we laugh with a cousin wisecracking her way through cancer treatment.  
And so our perspective shifts. 
We re-orient: to thankfulness for who is dear to us, to contentment with where we are, and to renewed focus of our attention.
A willow seeks water to grow and flourish. 

What is the "water" you really require? 
For me, it's more quiet time in the cleft of the Rock.

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