13 September 2013

Sacred Illumination, Missoula, Montana

Okay, I was momentarily tempted to title this post “Stairway to Heaven” - but thankfully, my filter kicked in and insisted, "Ahem!...that might be a bit much.".

Stained glass windows are a multifaceted marvel - the history of telling story in picture, the intricate piecework, the survival through generations, the mesmerizing factor that saves struggling children from perceived monotony. Forget zen - contemplation of these beauties always induces calm for me. 

A big thanks to St. Francis Xavier for maintaining these circa-1903 works of art.


  1. It is the teeniest, tiniest, narrow stairway a hidey-child could ever desire! Only respect for the quiet others kept me from crouching below all it's squinchy glory for a better angle!


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