09 November 2013

Golden Almost-Twilight, Missoula, Montana

To gain a pleasing aspect on the waning day’s golden glow, I stepped through grass bunches down the hillside, carefully alert for dog poop. Being shod in Five Fingers Mary Janes, random leftovers were a concern. 
In the quiet focus of framing my shot, l leaned in to calming sounds of urban nature - wind swishing through late leaves, happy dog barks further up the trail, a rhythmic rustling clicking in the grass - wait, what was that clicking thing? Are there snakes up here? Hmmm, these might be the wrong shoes for the terrain. And this trail is in the Rattlesnake Valley …. I really have no idea what a rattlesnake rattle sounds like - except for those stupid trick envelopes labeled “Rattlesnake Eggs“ ….Time to go! 
Swinging my monopod golf-club-style through the grass, I made it safely back to the civilized path and breathed deeply to disperse the paranoia. 
Moral of the story: Nature is not always calming, but the odds are higher if you plan - and stay on the trail.


  1. Many laughs were shared due to Rattlesnake Eggs!

  2. Yes, indeed! As long as no one gets hurt, we're all fair game for inspiring hilarity.


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