15 November 2013

Planting Hope, Hamilton, Montana

Hot tip for any plant-loving procrastinators - er, rather, busy people putting the last minute to effective use: Lowe’s still has spring bulbs for sale. 
Even better: they’re ON sale at fifty percent off.

I bought six bags - after putting back three bags, thanks to a wee self-chat about realistic expectations.
I’m a little excited. 

Come Saturday - after coffee, of course- , you'll find me bundled up and tenderly placing papery-swathed bulbs of promise: grape hyacinths, alliums, daffodils, fragrant hyacinths, and tulips. 
These will stand out nicely amidst the foliage of the later-blooming lilies and fritillaria I tucked in last weekend. 

Only 124 days until spring!


  1. Love, love, love the photos of bulbs. On other posts...your quotes are wonderful...thank you for your blog. It's a mini-vacation for me every time I view it.

  2. And sometimes min-vacations are the most invigorating!
    Thank you for the encouraging words.


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