20 December 2013

Moss Green Carpet, Alberton, Montana

As I recollect it, the living room carpet of our childhood was the exact shade of the moss on the far bank of Fish Creek pictured here. This revolutionary short-shag carpet boasted a lovely texture that also got us a bonus carpet rake, required to maintain optimum lovely texture.
If you were born before, say, 1973, you won’t understand this.
But that’s not a bad thing.
You weren’t really missing anything, except the assigned chore of carpet raking that even a 5-year-old could do - and, yes, that 5-year-old was me. Thankfully, carpet raking didn’t make my “chores that I hate” list; that was pretty much a short list of one item: dusting. But, I’ve moved on; I’ve dealt with those issues; I‘m not bitter. Really.


  1. I remember that carpet, and though its colour and texture seem familiar to my eyes and toes, I don't know whether I walked on it in real life or only in photos.

    1. Well, your little toes prob'ly did grace this carpet - we still lived there for a couple years after your arrival as the first grand- and great-grand-child, and you also would have played there during Matty's early years. Amazing the mental image capture of our early childhood years. - a.c.


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