11 January 2014

Snow Angel, Sealy Lake, Montana

A reminder from my big sister #3: Before giving in to the snow angel urge, make sure a willing and able helper is on hand to pull you up. Key item in this equation is “willing“, which may preclude siblings rumored to have been dropped on their head in early childhood. Even if rumours are unfounded, some may think it great fun to watch and laugh as you ungracefully flounder your way out of the siren snow.


  1. C, I'm trying to figure out what the dark area, upper left corner may be? It looks like the edge of something? L

  2. It's the edge of the hill against pine trees blurred as the dark background.

  3. Help Yourself!!! I laughed out loud, and relived the joys of a simple laughter-filled childhood. Thanks for linking and promoting our site. P


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