28 February 2014

Sacajawea Park Sunset, Livingston, Montana

 Love Letter by D.G. Vacha

At the end of winter daylight
when lemon passion glows
with the ardor of periwinkle,
at unexpected moments
I remember

a melody long forgotten, jubilant as a nightingale’s song,...

Read on at lilies, sparrows and grass. 

Click in the website name, "lilies, sparrows and grass", at the end of the above verse to continue  reading D. G. Vacha's recently posted sunset poem. 
Her imagery evokes so much beyond the poignant wonder I felt looking at this end-of-day scene in Livingston, Montana.


  1. My new desktop background. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

  2. Well, hopefully you'll get to enjoy a summer version of this view on your next Montana trip.


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