04 March 2014

Indoor Recess, Livingston, Montana

Monday was another snow day for many schools in Western Montana.
But, take heart! Spring is only - technically - 15 days away

(For those of you in temperate climes who may be unfamiliar with the terms “snow day” or “indoor recess”, these refer, respectively, to school closure (Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!) and keeping students inside, due to the amount of snow or unsafe conditions caused by snow.)


  1. :) Ironically, here in Georgia, local school systems have exceeded their annual allotment of snow (ice) days for this year - think they're at 7 now! I don't recall this happening in the 24 years I've been here. Crazy winter this year, even in the south.

  2. Ah - the joys of snow that melts into puddles that are irresistible to little feet in rubber boots and snow pants.


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