19 March 2014

Seeing Red, Missoula, Montana

A co-worker remarked recently how, despite growing up in Montana, she had never before noticed the abundance of red brush growing in varied regions of our fair state. The visual spareness of almost-spring perfectly sets off such vibrant infrastructure. This close-in view (yes, dear sister who will wonder, the shrub embraced me, plus anchored me from further leaf-mold slip down the bank) brings to mind Jacob's speckled sheep sticks; perhaps a boon of herefords are headed this direction.


  1. "visual sparseness of almost-spring" is lovely alliteration. Evocative of Gerard Manley Hopkins, a fav poet. This sister thanks you for staying safe if you insist on climbing down to the water level of an (almost) raging river.

  2. Thank you, dearest. There was a shriek in the early part of descent, thanks to unexpected underlayer of slick leaf mold; you would've been proud,


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