06 April 2014

Open To The Sky, Blue Mountain Recreation Area, Missoula, Montana

‘Tis the season in which I avoid forest trails, due to the reemergence of ticks
, migrating slowly upward with the snow line. A lot of people can deal with removing ticks from their person, but I can’t abide the sneaky beggars; they give me the heebie-jeebies for days.  Just writing about it makes me feel a little itch on my leg, now my neck…(shudder!). Hence the dedicated avoidance tactics. Thankfully, Missoula
’s near-to-town Blue Mountain Recreation Area includes a selection of wide, trampled trails for traipsing across open grassland - nary an overhanging branch in sight, no grass brushing your feet or legs. All the benefits of fresh mountain air minus lingering creepy-crawlies. I can live with that until a hot summer week pushes the ticks into an altitude above my adventure level.

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