01 July 2014

Maple Leaf Future, Missoula, Montana

Happy Canada Day!

Surrounded by celebratory reminders - from flapping flags on passing cars to fireworks this evening, - I am especially thankful for this country that still includes “free” in the national anthem.
Not perfect, but still free.
And that means so much.

(Note: This maple leaves and wingnuts photo was taken in Montana, in another beloved country whose song honours freedom.)


  1. Hear! Hear! It was a good Canada Day. Sometimes its imperfections make me wonder... but then when I look around and relish the word 'free' I can only be thankful! Thank you for remembering!

    1. Yes, indeed! Chatting with my sister a few days earlier about her hands-on helping in Cambodia and India and other places was a timely reminder of all the basics of freedom we take for granted.


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