17 July 2014

Petite Meadow Flowers, Missoula, Montana

Earlier this week we enjoyed the layered delight of a perfect summer evening: friends you count as family, a cooling breeze to temper the heat, laughing dogs and children, tri-tip barbecue-roasted by a master, and un-birthday cake. It doesn’t get any better, and for all these blessings, I am truly thankful.

After the cake-and-ice-cream course, we walked up the little hill meadow. 
Waving atop thigh-high grass stems, these petite blooms glowed in the evening sunlight, each cluster no bigger than the end of my thumb. 
Ahh, the grace notes of life, waiting to impart subtle sweetness, if we but notice.


  1. Amen! sounds like a bit of 'earth-heaven'! love the 'un-birthday cake:)

  2. Yes! Definitely 'earth-heaven' - I'll take a big slice of that with ice cream on the side, please!


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