18 September 2014

Beyond Fuzzy, Polson, Montana

Road signs in the Flathead Valley tie to regional history by listing place names in both English and Salish or Kootenai languages. The names are not mere translation between languages, but rather a listing of the names given by each culture to the same place, with the Salish or Kootenai name also translated to English.The aboriginal names often reveal  particular attributes of the location: Evaro Area is otherwise known as “Little Valley Behind Hills”; St. Ignatius as “Place Where You Surround Something”. These more descriptive names pulled my eyes to scan beyond the roadside and weekend lake traffic; I garnered a broader appreciation of my travel route to Flathead Lake.
Perhaps this extreme fuzz’s name in another language translates to “Old Man’s Crazy Eyebrow“ ?
(For a (ahem) manly laugh, please read the blog in the preceding text link.)

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