23 September 2014

Pastille Blues in Greenough Park, Missoula, Montana

If it wasn’t enough that my streamside perch was on the slidey side of iffy, I peripherally noticed a real photographer - telescoping tripod, massive lens, equipment bag - catty corner across the creek, and seemingly with lens pointed at me. This concerned me, not because I'm shy, but rather due to my  very unladylike crouch - in a skirt, albeit with shorts attached beneath. But none else would know about the shorts, now would they? So, as trained by my modest mother, I self-consciously readjusted to a more modest sideways pose, knees together - and successfully managed not to land, rump-over-tea-kettle, in the creek.
Thankfully, the delight of these cunning candy-blue petites quickly distracted back to the task at hand, and I emerged with this happy shot.


  1. :-) well-worth your 'slidey side of iffy'...oh, I LOVE this! and here's to mothers still shooting that desperate 'across the crowd-put your-knees-together-look:)

    1. Yes - we need more of those mothers - I clink my glass to yours!


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