31 October 2014

Blisterless Bounty - Mount Jumbo, Missoula, Montana

“I have paid for my experience with a square yard of blisters, and a mile or so of scratches. I have eaten a ton of flapjacks and more bacon than is ladylike to remember.” - Mary Roberts Rinehart, on her travels in Glacier Park

Thankfully, my recent Mount Jumbo trek did not result in blisters; sadly, no flapjacks or bacon, either. But we did partake of informal communion amidst the mountaintop grasses and vast views - no better sustenance for the soul.

Click here to view fascinating photos of women wilderness hikers of the early 1900s, and to read more of Mary Roberts Rinehart's Glacier Park observations. May we ever be thankful to not have to don ankle-length skirts before venturing into nature's byways.

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