09 October 2014

Dock - Flathead Lake, Polson, Montana

In case you wonder, “Why would anyone label their dock?”, the full inscription actually reads “PRIVATE DOCK”.
(Hmmmm... I hear the murmur - especially if you know I don't have a boat, or a dock, or convenient acquaintances who share such - wondering, how then did this photo come about?)
But given the lack of hangers-about, and the lure of this perfect, weathered pier, I ran with that golden maxim, “Sometimes it’s better to ask for forgiveness, not permission.”
And - lucky me ! - there was no need to request either! 

Untroubled, I sat down where the seagulls had not left their brand of graffiti and savoured the luscious lake and mountain view, to a soundtrack of lappy-lappy waves backed by a sighing wind section. 
Livin' a version of the Montana good life!

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  1. you keep moving Montana up-up on my travel wish-list! Gorgeous! love this 'soundtrack of lappy-lappy waves';)


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