20 January 2015

Heron Tracks - Missoula, Montana

Great blue herons have been among my favourite creatures since learning about them from the venerable Mrs. Casselman in grade seven science class.  They frequent our local watering holes - of the pond and river backwater variety. In flight, they bring to mind an awkwardly flying frigate. But anchored knee deep in water, they're one long sinuously graceful curve. 

Alas, no sighting this day; I happened along only in time to see leftover tracks, coincidentally veiled 'neath a track-shaped tree shadow! Typical imprints measure 6-8.5 inches long - enough to stabilize this wise-eyed bird with a seven foot wing span and standing height of over four feet.

Click here to choose from several audio recordings of these lovelies in the wild - then close your eyes and imagine yourself streamside.

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  1. Brought me back to youth camp days and our resident winged friend, the sound clips added ambience.


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