14 January 2015

Waiting In Hope - Missoula, Montana

Trying to grasp that this world no longer holds my vibrant and beautiful cousin MJ, my repeated thought is that I do not understand. 
And that I will be glad to someday see answers beyond this darkly glass
I know the promises - that we wait not in despair, but in hope, and that there is a peace that bypasses our understanding (or lack thereof, in my case)
Yet may our grip be strengthened as we desperately cling to these truths, ‘midst the waiting.


  1. Oh Cyndy. this is gripping! Hugs and prayers,

    (one thought that comforts me in that 'why' is that we will never know what they were spared from because God rescued them).

    1. Thank you, dear Janet, for the prayers, and hugs, and insightful words.
      And so we continue the journey, burdens shared, easier somewhat to bear.

  2. Thank you for the comforting thoughts and the image - effective, and moving.


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