09 September 2015

Nostalgic Eight - Victor, Montana

"Aching familiar in a way that made me wish I was still eight. Eight was before death or divorce or heartbreak. Eight was just eight. Hot dogs and peanut butter, mosquito bites and splinters, bikes and boogie boards. Tangled hair, sunburned shoulders, Judy Blume, in bed by nine thirty." - Jenny Han, It's Not Summer Without You


  1. Summer days should be twice as long...too many books waiting to be read! But then, that's what long evening and winter nights are for right? love this. Doesn't it make you wanna go cruisin'?

  2. I absolutely agree - with the books comments AND the cruisin'.
    During our sister lake days, the camp owner took us for a ride in his plushed up (fuzzy dice and all) 1950s cruising car. Sitting in the bouncy back seat with my sis, I was transported not only down the windy blacktop but also back in time to about 8 years old - the era of cruising at its finest, when there was almost a guaranteed ice cream stop.


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