01 December 2015

Key Lime Pie Fix-All - Missoula, Montana

" 'Flappers,' Mrs. Morse said. 'Our mother would have fainted dead away to see all the leg they're showing.'
Mrs. Styles said, 'Mother would have taken a stick to them. Things were better back then.'
Mrs. Morse said she thought some things were better nowadays, but Mrs. Styles didn't see it...
Mrs. Morse said, 'Well, there's nothing you can do about it so why don't I cut you a nice piece of chocolate cake?' She could fix almost anything with a piece of cake - or pie." - from p.167 of The Boston Girl by Anita Diamant

Today's pictured key-lime cure-all was recently self-administered - strictly as a preventative, immunity-building measure, with no dire scenarios in sight - at Iza Restaurant in downtown Missoula. Verdict: a hands-down recommendation for all that ails you - or doesn't!

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