08 January 2016

Like Snow - Missoula, Montana

Like Snow
Suppose we did our work
like the snow, quietly, quietly,
leaving nothing out.


  1. Love your photos! I live in Hamilton, MT and get up to Missoula about once a month. Its the prettiest town in Montana.

    I noticed that you have a links page for other businesses in Montana and wondered if you would consider adding a link for a friend of mine. Bob Trezona is a saddle maker in Hamilton, Montana. He was seriously injured in Viet Nam and received a 100% disability, but refuses to sit still. Please take a look at his site and see what you think. Another thing is that he has always wanted to put together a calendar but doesn't have the photos to do it. Would you be interested in taking some Montana horse pictures that we could collaborate on for a calendar?

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Carrie! Glad you enjoy the photos. Hamilton was happy home to me for many, many years, and holds many fond memories.
      I checked out Bob's site - beautiful craftsmanship - love the photos of him at work. I added his blog to my blog roll. Thanks for bringing him to my attention!
      I'm not sure I'd be the right photographer for A horse calendar, but perhaps Bob could look at some of the horse and ranch photos I've posted and see if they have the feel he would want, and go from there. The web version (as opposed to mobile version) of my blog has a search field in the far upper left corner. Separate searches for 'horse', 'horses', and 'ranch' will yield a decent array.
      Thank you, again, and I hope to hear from you down the road!


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