12 March 2016

Technically Winter Still - Clark Fork River, Missoula, Montana

I have to confess: I've been posting mostly snowy photos the past couple of weeks not because it's been visible winter out my windows, but because I just want to see more snow. 
Slightly odd, I know, when spring fever rages rampant all around me. 

Perhaps it's because amidst roasting a little bit in Sri Lanka I thought in hope of the cool, quiet winter wonderland I'd flown away from. (Or perhaps the unaccustomed mid-winter heat addled my noodle a bit?! Newly fledging snowbirds, be warned - this could happen to you!) 

Self-depracatory kidding aside, the real reason I crave snow in March is simply that it's too early to be the current 50-plus degrees Fahrenheit in the daytime and We Really NEED More Snow! I love spring as much as the next digger-in-the-garden-dirt, but I do have a small horror of summer wildfires that bleed visible, headache-inducing smoke into every valley's nook and cranny. We need more snow now as a preventative measure. 

The forecast keeps promising the white fluffy stuff a couple days from the ever-shifting today, but so far it's been paltry and high up in the mountains. But Monday could be the day of truth-in-advertising - here's hoping! In the meantime, I'll have to unzip my lightweight hoodie for the second lap around the block.


  1. I, a summer -lover found myself mourning over a winter that simply didn't really happen and I realized I am a total winter-spring-summer-autumn lover. They each should have their time and season:) It is unnaturally warm here too!

    1. I'm with you on loving all the seasons with their own perfect delights!
      Hopefully the weather balances out toward good farming conditions.


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