10 April 2016

Fresh Green Lilac Leaves - Missoula, Montana

"...And to you, what can these mean now:...the evidence unfolding
like a flower, the green song
in the green leaves, the presence
of the sky with its goblet of freshness?..."

- from With Quevedo, In Springtime by Pablo Neruda


  1. I Love Neruda, In my mind there is no writer who writes quite like he did! We are still waiting for fresh green lilac leaves. The snow-machine must be broken and no one knows how to turn it off!! ;-)

  2. Oh, I do hope the snow machine points this way soon - we desperately need mountain snow pack to temper forest fire season! Enjoy the slush and mud and tromping about in rubber boots (classic barnyard black with a red toe and heel, of course!
    I've loved Neruda since stumbling upon a new library book years ago that featured his original poems plus English translation, each on facing pages - a lovely out-loud reading comparison, despite that I only could really "read" the English version!


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