20 April 2016

Happy And Healthy Place - Butterfly Herbs - Missoula, Montana

Mom-and-Pop health food stores have always been a happy place for me. When I was quite small, my two oldest sisters had just such a shoppe, aptly named Happy House (still open for business and promoting health and happiness). To this day, the sight of fragrant jars of warm, colourful spices and herbal tea mixtures, and the methodical measuring of dried herbs into take-home bags, cause me to smile and unconsciously relax. There is hope for a better outcome within reach - please bring the jar to the counter and we will gladly measure out the right dose! 

When you make it to Missoula, my sisters and I highly recommend that you stop at Butterfly Herbs and take home at least a few ounces of signature Evening In Missoula tea.


  1. It's true the very fragrance of an herbal display is soothing. Reminder that the slightly-older-than-you sister was the first employee of said Happy House. Often consuming the value of her wages prior to payday.

    1. Because toasted soy nuts are SUCH an irresistible snack!
      But I'm guessing it was the LPs that tempted you more so.


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