10 May 2016

Spring Rains - Corvallis, Montana

Montana weather is notoriously - and sometimes drastically - mercurial, these early May days being a perfect illustration. 
Saturday and Sunday beamed forth a sunny 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
Monday's skies closed in to eke out a soggy 43 degrees, with overnight lows dropping below freezing - which delightfully translates to snow in mountain tops hidden behind clouds.
Last week, a recent Montana transplant from more temperate climes confessed that our warming days were enticing her to plant flower and vegetable starts; I urged her to wait, since spring is not a sure thing until it's pretty much summer.
Here's hoping that she and all the other optimistic weekend gardeners covered their tender new plantings. I'm just thrilled to skip watering grass seed tossed out in a fit of Saturday yard improvement!


  1. sounds a lot like Ontario springs!

    1. I'm guessing we are at about the same latitude, so that may account for similar weather1


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