23 June 2016

Lilies Blooming Where Transplanted - Missoula, Montana

In the last several years before my mum died, she shared lily and fritillaria bulbs to plant in the garden at my little Hamilton town cottage, where they still bloom gloriously and faithfully. After my move full-time to Missoula, Montana, several years back, I transplanted some of those bulbs to our Missoula yard, and then watched nervously each subsequent spring to see if they survived.  Yesterday, we were delighted to see the first lily blooms since the replanting. (Well, at least I was delighted; The Best Husband Ever was intent on washing our cars; his key observation was, "You better finish taking pictures now and move, or you're going to get wet.") 
This August marks ten years since my mum was herself transplanted, shall we say, to enjoy the beauties in Heaven's gardens. My heart is happy to again see in my front yard these living, blooming reminders of her gracious and giving nature. 

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