25 July 2016

Guest Post: Bitterroot Haven - Corvallis, Montana

Hooray for guest bloggers! 
Today we hear from Pat Richards (aka Big Sister #3). Since Las Vegas is their home base. Pat has been soaking up the outdoors and relishing Montana's summer daytime temps that are well below their accustomed 108 degrees Fahrenheit.
To see more of what Pat has been up to this year, check out their humanitarian travels at
Thanks for sharing today's lovely thoughts and scenery, sis.
Early morning stillness creates a haven where my heart reflects on the beauty of creation.  A tiny ecosystem filled with vibrant life.  Nature's beauty refreshes my soul.  I leave, ready to face the day.

Unlike my walking companion, an energetic short legged Pembroke Corgi named Trixie,  who pauses only to consider the next tantalizing scent along the path. 
-Pat R.


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