01 July 2016

Striped Grain Fields, Almost In Canada - Near Shelby, Montana

Happy Canada Day!
Today's photo was taken on a recent trip north, about a half hour before we crossed into the Motherland (i.e. Canada, at least for me; The Best Husband Ever exploits this for wisecrackery - and still manages to keep his TBHE title!).
Some people seer flat-and-boring when they travel through the farmlands of northern Montana and southern Alberta. (You can imagine the backseat chatter: "Are we there yet?"; "What do you mean, 'there's not another rest stop for an hour-&-a-half'?!") 
But I see miles upon gently rolling miles of serenity - all the way to the far, big-skied horizon - especially later in the summer when the sunlight catches the tops of wind-waved tall grain. It's the same calm I feel looking out in ocean waves, or at a wide stretch of river or lake.  Interestingly, neuroscience supports this effect - read more here. And then get outdoors this weekend to find a serenity scene of your very own! 
(Or even a serenity hammock will do.)


  1. thank-you. Enjoyed this post! It makes me homesick to travel my dear Canada. Jim(hubby) sees the prairies weekly( long haul livestock trucker). I have not seen them for 28 years

    1. Oh, I hope you do get a chance to see them soon. Even after decades of Montana living, there is nothing that feels so much like home as an Alberta prairie sunset.


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