13 August 2016

Authentic Ambience - Lydia's Supper Club, Butte, Montana

Nothing croons 'supper club' quite like velvet upholstery - red on these pictured  dining room chairs, deeper wine red on the main room's curved banquettes, and raised floral patterned in the curtain valances and on the swivel chairs in the bar - and all original from Lydia's Supper Club's 1964 expansion. (Caveat: 'original' as determined by our deeply pondering dinner conversation segment on this topic.)

HIPSTER ALERT: Come to Butte, Montana - Lydia's Supper Club is your interior design Mecca.

For the rest of you: Come enjoy lingering dinner conversation - Lydia's iconic Butte Italian ambience comes replete with relish tray, ravioli, spaghetti, French fries and spumoni, and unlimited Montana hospitality.

(P.S. Note the stained glass panel on the right wall, one of Lydia's historic collection of 33.)


  1. How about I meet you there?
    Second Big Sister


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