26 August 2016

Post-Op Gig 1 - Missoula, Montana

Not bad for exactly a week after shoulder surgery! (3 incisions plus laparoscopic tools.) Even musicians in Montana are a tougher breed.

On Monday morning, The Best Husband Ever had his first physical therapy appointment. He informed Physical Therapist #1, "I have gigs on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that were all booked way before this surgery. And I have band practices Wednesday and Saturday. People are counting on me." 

PT#1 said, "You frighten me a little."

On Wednesday morning, Physical Therapist #2 had no comment.

I have to say, TBHE brings whole new meaning to the phrase, "Rock on!"
Tonight is Post-Op Gig 2 - if you're in town, stop by the Sunrise Saloon for a do-si-do and say hello!


  1. You know what they say...'you can't keep a good man down!':)Hope he's back to full 'swing' soon!
    Wish I was not quite so many hop-and-skips away.

    1. Ain't that the truth about a good man! I think he's more capable at one fully operating left arm than a lot of folks at two - Friday, he showed up with jumper cables (and arm sling) and rescued me in my dead-battery-after-work predicament. I can see why PT#1 was a bit frightened :-)

  2. Wow! and hugs to TBHE. Funny how you have one,too.

  3. Aaah - that post was really sweet.
    And you changed your profile picture - cute!!

    1. Loved the mine tour so much, i couldn't resist a new pic!


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