17 August 2016

Train Station Re-Creation - Historic Fort Missoula, Montana

"...The names of the stations begin to take on meaning and my heart trembles. The train stamps and stamps onward. I stand at the window and hold on to the frame. These names mark the boundaries of my youth...."

Erich Maria RemarqueAll Quiet on the Western Front

(Don't look too closely at the nameplate on this building, lest you experience a letdown. While the old Drummond, Montana, train station building has found a new life at Fort Missoula, the pictured building is of more recent vintage, but still is an important feature on the Fort grounds.)


  1. LOVE!! I've always had a kind of train-love! When I was a girl long freight-trains would thrill us with their 'long-lone whistle cry' as they rumbled through our back forty to imaginary destinations!

  2. Train-love over here, too! My age 5-ish memories of a family driving trip from St. Paul, Alberta, to Thunder Bay, Ontario, consist of 1) counting with my sister the seemingly endless cars on the looooong freight train, and 2) Kakabeka Falls, and that only because the cascading water looked like cream of wheat with brown sugar streaked in it.


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