02 September 2016

Churchill, On Becoming - Missoula, Montana

(Pictured quote from A Far Country by Winston Churchill (1871-1947), American author)

Sitting on our porch last evening, spitting watermelon seeds into the grass, I read the last sentence pictured above and paused in distinct recognition. I have oft and long pondered this unbecoming toward becoming, this onward journey to resting more easily at self-honest, this revealing of anchored deep knowing that I cannot make anyone happy but yet I do inherently bring joy to the Lover of my soul. 
And what is all that but a back-to-the-beginning, a refined return to a much, much younger self's innocent unawareness that there even exist worries of I-am-not-enough or I-am-not-as-good-as? 
I say "refined return" because, while we may have bemoaned the fact that we will never be a naive child again, the truth is that we are actually better off for having been subject to life's intensities - we know what shaken foundations look like but also that there is an infinitely more Sure Foundation worthy of our trust and our building upon. And this is why we can rest easy. Not because life as we know it is "perfect". And certainly not because we are "perfect" - hah! (Yes, those are, indeed, sarcastic finger quotes,) And this is a very good thing.

Should this remind-full resting be further down the becoming path than you have yet seen, please persevere, and pray.  And let me know - I will add prayers to your bucket. 


  1. love his thoughts but oh, i enjoyed your pondering immensely with a yes. me too!

    1. My other though upon reading the phrase was, "oh, this is something JM would mark with her dandy highlighter!"

  2. Replies
    1. Glad you enjoyed - thanks for reading!
      (Looking for some contributions from your self, if you have any respite from your class assignments.)


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