23 November 2016

World Without End - Missoula, Montana

This one's a little obscure: Heedless of appearing daft (welcome to my world, by the way), you are leaning over a faerie lake - well, actually a fist-sized depression in the sidewalk - having stopped to gaze at the smallest golden leaves of autumn, suspended. 
And then you notice the miniature reflection of overhead branches, contributors to this gilded wee marvel. 


  1. Replies
    1. You would have laughed at the extension of my awkward crouching once i espied the reflection layer!

  2. Loved your commentary - and the photo.

  3. I need to remember to go to my reading list now! Blogger changed my dashboard and they no longer show up by hitting dashboard. i miss that. LOVE your 'faerie' lake:) Like you said yesterday...its about stopping to take notice of all the God-art in earth's gallery!


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