17 December 2016

Baby It's Cold Outside - Missoula, Montana

Before the wind chill factor, we've warmed up to minus 6 degrees Fahrenheit (aka minus 22 Celsius) - but a scoop of Sweet Peaks' new Boozy Eggnog flavour will keep you warm. (And you thought we were done with Sweet Peaks until spring - hah! WE are made of sterner stuff!)  If you ever want to guiltlessly try every ice cream flavour on the Specialty board before selecting your scoop(s), I highly recommend borrowing a 9-year-old for your accomplice. (Yes, we really did this! Of course, law-abiding person that I am, I made her skip the Boozy Eggnog and Flathead Fireweed Cherry.)  Children are indeed a delight to spend time with - especially when you can sugar 'em up, then take'em back!


  1. spoken as a true Sweet Peaks addict.

    1. Yes! But scaling back the frequency of visits... i guess tasting 8 flavours sort of qualified as a binge...


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