06 January 2017

Flash-Frozen - Greenough Park, Missoula, Montana

Massive slabs of ice stacked willy-nilly block our usual winter walking trail, far up from the edge of Rattlesnake Creek. A sudden temperature change in mid-December created just the right conditions for dramatic flash-freezing, followed by a large-scale shattering and surge downstream, which changed the winter landscape overnight. And, of course, we can be thankful for weeks of bitter below-freezing temperatures for preserving this phenomenon for our continued enjoyment.

Click here to read The Missoulian newspaper's reporting of this winter spectacle.

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  1. It was crazy cool! When you visited, I don't think we walked at Greenough Park (tick season fears and all that...), but we'll have to meander there this summer. Providing there is a tick-vanquishing hot spell prior to your arrival...


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