02 June 2017

Latest Greatest Discovery - Missoula, Montana

Eureka! Split scoops are available on a sugar cone!

For the ice cream novice, a split scoop means you avoid the agony of decision when you really, really  want two flavours but only want a single scoop's worth of ice cream.

For some unknown reason made up on my own pea brain, I always thought this option only was served in a cup.  And - no offense to The Best Hisband Ever and Delightful Daughter - what is the point of ice cream in a cup? There's no dripping that you must hastily - and tastily! - amend, no satisfying crunches, no perfect miniature cone at the very end that you eat in one bite....Especially when Sweet Peaks has the most delicious, pointy sugar cones? (They also offer the soft-serve style  cone, which takes me back to my Baba's house where ice cream always tasted better served in a flat-bottom cone.)

Featured flavours are Chocolate Sorbet (dark chocolate with a subtle undertone of coconut) and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam (with homemade jam - I'm not making this up!). 

(Notice the big bite marks: 
   "My, what lovely teeth you have, my dear!"
   "The better to eat you with!!" 
   Munch munch munch!)


  1. Lovely, simply lovely. And memory-filled.

    1. Apparently, Sweet Peaks is one of our family values!


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