04 July 2017

Colours Of Summer - Missoula, Montana

Ahh, the colours of summer brightening my kitchen sink! (Not to be confused with the more stately colours flying from our porch to honour this Independence Day.)

This rainbow chard spurred memories of our mother's sink full of greens picked from our garden. Funny how that sink seemed so huge packed with enough lettuce or chard for our family of 9, when it was probably just the standard double bowl stainless steel variety. (Insert your own tangential musings of childhood perspective and plenty.) Anyway, it was explained to me that it's important to fill the sink with enough cold water to float off any dirt and/or wiggly travelers. Wiggly travelers are NOT on my list of preferred proteins. 

I am thankful for other people's gardens that provide seasonal bounty for our table. Sautéed with sliced onion in a little olive oil (okay, a LOT of olive oil, because it just makes things yummy!) with a hearty splash of lemon juice, a scant dash of Chinese 5 spice, and a sprinkle of sugar (a secret from my mother - raw & organic these days, of course), we had ourselves a gorgeous summer mess of greens!


Your thoughts, please?