12 July 2017

Perpetual Peeve - Missoula, Montana

If you are going to eat the last delicious bit of scrumptiousness that some kind, baking soul brought to share then, for crying out loud, clean up like you would at home! 

Oh, wait - maybe that's the problem - you have people for that at your house?
(Did that drip a wee bit too much sarcasm?)

Apparently, I'm not alone in this peevishness, as "Messy Common Areas" tops the list in this workplace peeve article

The optimist view, however, is that this repeated work scenario keeps me mindful of how thankful I am to have The Best Husband Ever aka Bit Of A Neat Freak

(Note: I love my work, and my co-workers are wonderful people, bar none. 
Thus, I can only deduce that there must be a rogue - & messy! - alien among us. 
But that could be attributed to a repeat viewing of Men In Black last night.)

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