28 September 2017

Construction Circles 2 - Missoula, Montana

These sewer grates reminded me of waffles. 

But maybe that's just because waffles are something I can't eat while my doctor has me eschewing grains, sweetener, & dairy. And please don't very kindly share a recipe or brand name of some very tasty pseudo waffles made with non-grain flour. I've tried them - I've actually made them out of coconut flour

They are not bad. 

But they are not really waffles.  

Because what, I ask you, is the point of a waffle without real butter and authentic Canadian maple syrup (which is sitting patiently in my little pantry, in the dark, all alone), and a dollop of real whipped cream? 

Sorry - I have noticed I'm a little crabbier without grains...

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  1. Hmmm. What other foods will you see in random places? Ice cream?


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