21 September 2017

Feisty Fighter - Phillipsburg, Montana

Best news line today: 
"Jake LaMotta, an iron-fisted battler... has died. He was 95...The former middleweight champion died Tuesday... according to his longtime fiancee, Denise Baker."

To be 95 and fianced - now THERE'S a story!

However, the truth is slightly less inspiring: other news stories noted that Denise and Jake actually married in a quiet ceremony in 2013. But he still robbed the walker?

If you're wondering what this has to do with today's photo, keep pondering... and let me know what you came up with! (Comments left as Anonymous do not require a log-in.)


  1. The Golfin' Guy took a look and shook his head. I followed and read more...and still have no clue. I applaud you for the use of the lovely word, "fianced"

  2. Perhaps to your vivid imagination, the taller, more dried up plant stock/flower represents the 95 year old aged Jake, while the shorter, less withered blossom on the left symbolizes his much younger wife, Denise? :)

  3. Life on earth is to be lived until the day we take our final breath - and continue to live in eternity.


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