10 March 2018

Songs Of Ascent - St. Patrick's Hospital, Missoula, Montana

Words to lift the heart, writ large on the stairwell landing walls at St. Patrick's hospital, here in Missoula, Montana, where I spent a bit of waiting time earlier this week whilst The Best Husband Ever was in for outpatient surgery.  
Astonishing how these well-placed thoughts transformed not only the climb up an otherwise pallid, utilitarian stairwell, but also the rest of my interactions that day. A very literal example that kind words can make all the difference. (Plus they made a slight impact on my, er, bottom line, as I continued up a few extra flights just to see what was around the next bend.)

(By the way, all went well & TBHE is doing great - thanks for asking! After all the repairs he's undergone the past several years, I could market him as The New & Improved Best Husband Ever!)


  1. Love the new and improved BHE comment.

    1. Every day, in every way, he gets better & better...!


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