23 July 2018

Quiet Reflection.- Missoula, Montana

Today's gorgeous evening view overlooking Missoula is courtesy of Pat Richards, who also shares her hands-on India / Asia perspectives at
Thanks, Pat, for always making the time to share your guest blogger Montana perspectives!

In moments of quiet reflection, I begin to see clearer the depths of who I am. 
Are the waters of my soul still, clear, reflecting light?
I pray it is so.

For the world beyond deserves to see beauty, light and life in me.

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  1. Cyndy, lovely photo! Changing the subject, I sent you yesterday an email about the beautiful photo of L that we are using in our school. we need a bigger PDF image, can you supply one? Needs to be 48"x48". Please contact me as we are hoping to get the poster made soon! Lisa @ 406-542-9924


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