16 October 2018

Zephyr Unity Lights - Helena, Montana

Like a siren call, I was drawn back to a few shots of the 1948 Lincoln Zephyr we saw at an estate auction earlier this month, in Helena, Montana, so please bear with me. 

The detail of the chrome engraving is such a thing of fine beauty - it speaks of time when careful attention to detail was more the norm. I like to think it was a more gracious time in general - a distinct contrast to the caterwauling going on in our present-day media and politics, which saddens and annoys me to no end. 

But I realize it was also a harder time for the bulk of people in our countries. Maybe that's what's missing - a drastic decline in hard physical labour and deprivatious conditions allows for.excess foolish and uncivil blather...but I digress, and so leave you to ponder the calming chrome - engraved with the one elegant word: Unity.
(Hmmm...shinier shades of the Lorax, perhaps...?)

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