12 June 2019

Always Young - Spring Chicks, Missoula, Montana

" "You haven't changed, " I said.
He smiled. "I guess somewhere in a corner of our hearts, we are always twenty." "

-From Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly, p. 397
  (NOTE: This based-on-a-true story is a definite recommend for WWII historical fiction fans. I love learning history from well-researched insider perspective, and this book definitely brings that from the view of several and varied real women, including a New York socialite and a female doctor at Ravensbruck.  While the writing caliber lags just a smidge in places, the story and characters pull you through, and there's certainly grace with this being the author's first novel - which a feat to be intensely admired! Now I need to track down her prequel, Lost Roses... )

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