21 April 2020

On Reading and Walking - Missoula, Montana

I appreciated the deft connecting in this quote of two favourite things - well-written books and long walks producing layered good results (including some lovely spring things).
 "She told me once, when we read a story, we inhabit it. 
 The covers of the books are like a roof and four walls.
 A house.
 She, more than anything else in the world, loved the moment when you finished a book, and the story keeps playing like the most vivid dream in your head. 
 And after that, she loved taking long walks to clear her mind of all the emotions and feelings the book had started within her."
-Opening lines of movie The Bookshop, based on 1978 novel by Penelope Fitzgerald

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  1. The feeling you get at the end of an story that has totally engulfed your mind, heart and even spirit - it seems so real - how can it 'end'?

    1. Yes! I have been known to set down a good book at the last several pages, just to prolong its loveliness...unless there's a sequel at hand!


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