11 April 2020

Spring Flowers Bring...More Snow - MIssoula, Montana

Last week certainly blew through Montana with varied change - our first work-at-home Monday under statewide directive, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake next door in Idaho, sunny days followed by  widespread snowstorms  (with bonus deer bedded down in our townie yard!), a power outage that had us snuggling in for hours ...

And still it was spring, with grape hyacinths and other whatnot blooming and tulip leaves starting up through the snow. Even in the tiniest shred of earth in a crack in a cracked, dingy sidewalk, new life insists its message of hope be seen in brilliant quack-grass green
And amidst our global anxious wondering at what happens next, we hold on to hope, share wishes for a blessed Easter, and will say tomorrow, "Christ is risen!" - "He is risen, indeed!".


  1. Easter is in our hearts - regardless of what happens around us - He lives forever.

  2. Most of us are home-stayed and uncertain of what waits too! this is such a lovely hope-filled post! thank-you.

  3. Ah, but we see you've ventured out to the potting shed bright corner of home-stay! All kinds of hope in these odd times :-)


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