20 May 2020

On The (Eventual) Return To The Office - Missoula, Montana

"...No Skype chat can replicate what [Thomas] Heatherwick calls the “chemistry of the unexpected” that you get in person. Offices may not fill the pages of poetry anthologies but, says [Lucy] Kellaway, they “can be as moving as anywhere on Earth. Because what moves us is not sitting at our computer, it’s the relationship that we have with people.”
...When Wordsworth seems to have grown a trifle too smug about the sublime joys of the natural world, [Charles] Lamb snapped back. “I don’t much care if I never see a mountain in my life.” But he did care for the city and he certainly loved offices. All his complaints were, he wrote, mere “lovers’ quarrels”...-Catherine Nixey, in her online article "Death of the Office", The Economist, June/July 2020

Treat yourself to the entire delightfully history-spattered article here
And be fully present, wherever you are, in this very minute.


  1. A reminder that we often don't value what we ha e - until we no longer have it.

    1. Indeed - just in the past week, i've likely reached an outer limit on working mostly from home and am ready for more in-office "chemistry of the unexpected".

  2. Being full present - every moment - is a gift, a skill, a blessing.


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