31 August 2020

Calm Amidst Typos and Terseness - Flathead Lake, Montana

Most horrifying email signature to date:
 I'm sure Miss Manners would agree with me, dear reader, in graciously clarifying: 
   we are sure the sender is a lovely, polite human WHO
   certainly didn't mean it to sound dismissive, HOWEVER,
   such a signature caveat has latent flavours of 
    “I’m too busy / this message is not important enough to allot 10-30 seconds to skim & fix.”
Without getting tied up in PC or perfectionist knots, let’s forego excuses and keep rebooting to an honest pause and striving to be fully present, without need for excuses.

To that end, I leave you with a Montana visual antidote to rush-rush-rush culture – view as often as necessary. (Warning: Side affects may include a deep yearning for Big Sky Country…)

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